Under the Radar

MilSpouse Jurnee Survives and Advances to the 'American Idol' Top 10

TFW Lionel Richie tells you he loves you (as an artist).

Just days after our interview with 18-year-old milspouse Jurnee, she ran into some turbulence on Sunday night's "American Idol." She chose to perform "Bang Bang" by Jesse J., Ariande Grande and Nicki Minaj, bravely taking on all three singers' parts from the original hit.

Maybe she thought pulling off the rap would set her apart. Turns out that the song didn't much play to her strengths. All the judges said positive things after her performance but America didn't exactly agree.

The show is mixing it up this season and they instituted a confusing format for the cuts to make the Top 10. America voted after the show and the Top 6 got a free pass on Monday night. Jurnee didn't make it and she was singing for her Idol life when she performed "Never Enough" on the show.

She nailed it. It may not be the most imaginative song choice but the the panel went wild and passed her through. Lionel Richie said, "I love you."

Katy Perry planted a flag, proclaiming, "Never have I ever seen a more qualified woman for the job....and still not get the job. What's the disconnect, America?"

Jurnee sings like a potential American Idol winner. What do you think the disconnect is here? Is Jurnee's military connection? Does America still so old-fashioned that they want an unmarried pop star so everyone can pretend she's available?

Live voting starts next week. If you're pulling for this milspouse to succeed on "American Idol," tune in Sunday night and give your support.

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