How Navy Vet Jerry Linenger Survived the Mir Space Station Fire

photo courtesy National Geographic Channel

With its ambitious new series "One Strange Rock," the National Geographic channel aims to tell the story of planet Earth from the perspective of astronauts who've seen the planet from space.

Director Darren Aronofsky (“mother!,” “Black Swan,” “Noah") brings a far more experimental style to the series, so there's a visual element that separates this series from most other television documentaries. Will Smith narrates the show and helps connect the stories told by astronauts Chris Hadfield, Jeff Hoffman, Mae Jemison, Jerry Linenger, Mike Massimino, Leland Melvin, Nicole Stott and Peggy Whitson.

The series airs Monday nights at 10pm ET/9pm CT on the National Geographic Channel. We've got a clip from Episode 5, which is titled "Survival." Navy veteran and NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger describes how he survived the 1997 fire on the Russian space station Mir.

If you subscribe to a cable or live streaming service that offers NatGeo, you can watch earlier episodes on the show's website or in the NatGeo apps for iOS, Android, Roku or Apple TV. If you don't, the show is available for digital purchase from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

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