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'Hostiles': Making Peace With the Enemy in the Aftermath of War


Director Scott Cooper's "Hostiles" is 2017's overlooked classic. It's an ambitious movie that uses the western as a venue to explore a story about the aftermath of war and how former enemy combatants learn to bury the past once the fighting ends. The movie is available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

Christian Bale (who previously worked with Cooper on "Out of the Furnace") plays Capt. Joseph Blocker, a decorated veteran of the United States government's 19th-century wars with Native Americans. The conflict is winding down and Blocker is ordered to escort Cheyenne prisoner Chief Yellow Hawk from Fort Berringer, New Mexico to the chief's home territory in Montana. 

At the beginning of the movie, Blocker despises Yellow Hawk as his mortal enemy. Events over the course of the journey compel the two men to recognize each other as fellow warriors and, eventually, allies in a post-war world.

Vietnam veteran Wes Studi gives a particularly moving performance as Chief Yellow Hawk and he talked to us about the movie when it was released in theaters.

"Hostiles" tells a story that could be about soldiers from any conflict in the history of warfare. What do you do when the fighting is over? How do you accept the humanity of enemies who you've had to dehumanize in the course of carrying out your mission?

We've got a clip from excellent 1-hour making-of documentary that's included as a bonus feature on the home video release.

And check out the movie's trailer below:

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