The Secret History of Britain's WWII Guerrilla Warfare


Historian Giles Milton sat down with us before his recent talk at the Carter Presidential Library to talk about his book "Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler's Defeat."

Even after the slaughter of the Great War, the British military brass still had notions about fair play in battle. Churchill had the good sense to realize that warfare was changing in the 20th century and he allowed a team of independent-minded inventors and operatives to take the battle to Hitler in new and devious ways.

Giles is a fantastic storyteller and would be a great presenter for TV documentaries (pay attention BBC). He captures the personalities of the men and women he profiles while describing the technology behind the weapons they invented and the tactics of how the were used against the enemy.

If you're an audiobook listener, Giles performs this one and most definitely has a flair for narration as well.

Watch our interview below and keep your eyes open for his new book about D-Day, due here in the States in early 2019 to coincide with the invasion's 75th anniversary.

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