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11 Hilarious Navy Memes That Are Freaking Spot On

In the military, we love to crack jokes at every branch’s expense — even our own. The comedic rivalry is real as it gets, but it’s always in good fun.

So, let’s use these memes to create as many humorous wounds as possible.

1. When your level of saltiness is off the f*cking charts

Navy, Memes

We bet he’s got stories for days.

2. Old-school sailors have the best freaking stories about fist fights, drinking, and women — not necessarily in that order.

Navy, Memes

“I kissed a woman, punched out a local, then I finished my beer.”

3. Just when you thought Navy ships couldn’t get any more hardcore, they go and do this.

Navy, Memes

If you think this is impressive, wait until you see what gun they fire on Sunday.

4. The level of his “boot” has officially gone overboard.

Navy, Memes

$10 says he’ll get out after his first enlistment.

5. This is what your recruiter conveniently left out of their pitch

Navy, Memes

You can’t win a war without a clean weatherdeck.

6. Every sailor’s career has a different origin story

Navy, Memes

At this rate, he’ll be a Rear Admiral (Upper Half) in no time.

7. You might want to head the restroom afterward and check your trousers for brown eggs

Navy, Memes

Boot stress level: over 9000. (via navymemes.com)

8. The only thing that a hardworking sailor wants is to get off work on time and drink a beer.

Navy, Memes

He’ll lead you into the “promised land,” also known as the nearest bar. (Via navymemes.com)

9. You can piss off a lot of people without repercussions, but a chief is not one of them.

Navy, Memes

Hide for as long as you can.

10. Lies, lies, and more lies… Okay, it’s kind of true.

Navy, Memes

Experiences may vary.

11. No one can ever outdo this dick joke. This aircrew won.

Navy, Sky Dick, Memes

(Image via Pop smoke)




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