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Would Veterans Be More Likely to Face Mental Health Restrictions on Gun Ownership?

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National opinion polls suggest a growing desire that the government try something to deal with the mass shooting problem. There's a growing sense that state legislatures and Congress, based on the president's suggestions, may take some action. 

If the NRA blocks bans on any specific weapons, politicians may decide that blaming "mental health" is a solution and decide to enact new restrictions based on medical histories.

Who's got comprehensive medical records? Active-duty military and veterans. 

Go to any small-town gun store in America and you'll get plenty of stories about paranoid, reactionary guys (they're always guys) who the owners (responsibly) decide not to sell a gun. Those are the people with tinfoil on their trailer windows who don't have medical records because they believe doctors are injecting tracking devices into their bloodstreams. And those store owners know those rejected customers are just heading down to the gun show.

That begs a question: will veterans battling post-traumatic stress or other mental health issues face more restrictions on gun ownership because they served their country? Will the most unstable characters continue to enjoy access because they've never been diagnosed? If this is true, what can we do about it? It's a hard question to ask and a harder one to answer. Let us know what you think.

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