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'Chain of Command' - ICE Special Agent Eddy Dolan in Panama


The National Geographic Channel continues its ambitious, eight-part documentary series "Chain of Command" on Monday February 5th at 9pm ET with episode 6, "Crossroads."

In Afghanistan, U.S. Marines continue to work to overcome challenges while advising and assisting the Afghan National Army. Meanwhile, the Pentagon keeps focus on extremist threats around the globe. Military leaders discuss the growing concerns in Africa, deploying special operations forces uniquely equipped to handle threats there. And in Panama, Special Agent Eddy Dolan joins local security forces tracking migrants for terrorist threats.

We've got a clip from this week's episode. Special Agent Dolan, ICE Homeland Security Investigations, visits Panama to see what he calls the "chokepoint" for migrants trying to reach the United States. Many of those migrants are from Africa.

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