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Army Chaplain Timothy Mallard Remembers the Events of 9/11 on New PBS Series


Former Today host Anna Curry has a new documentary series airing now on PBS. "We'll Meet Again" tells the stories of people who met during critical moments of history forged powerful bonds. Now, against the odds, have the chance to reunite with someone who transformed their life.

“This series helps people separated by conflict, war and humanitarian disasters find each other again and reveals untold stories of courage, survival, friendship and even love,” said Curry. “This is human history — not from the point of view of kings or politicians or generals — but of everyday people on the front lines of massive events they have no way to control. Their stories tell us something about what we are made of.”

On February 12th at 8pm ET, PBS will air an episode called "Heroes of 9/11." One of the Americans profiled is Army Chaplain Timothy Mallard. He revisits the area of the Pentagon hit by Flight 77 on 9/11. He then visits the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Museum to look through his diary from 2001 in search of clues as to the identity of the mystery coast guard chaplain who comforted him. Check out a preview clip below.

Previously aired episodes in the series include "Children of WWII" and "Lost Children of Vietnam." As always with PBS programs, you should be able to stream current and recent episodes via the web or an app available for whatever platform you prefer.


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