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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 2/7/18

With everyone hating on some ignorant teacher for sh*t-talking the troops or an Airman for making a horrible rant video, can’t we all just band back together and hate on the real enemy? Tom Brady. So we’ll mock him. Because he can take it.

13. There’s always one in every unit.

Challenge coin meme

And technically, they’re not wrong… (Meme via Imgur)

12. We’re also experts at drinking until 0500, sneaking guests past the gate in car trunks, and putting bullets in things.

I'm something of a scientist meme

(Meme created by WATM)

11. You wanna play chicken? I’ll play chicken.

when the chain of command calls your bluff meme

“Trust me, I said. It’ll be funny, I said.” (Meme via Veteran Humor)

10. “Hey, uh, Sergeant? The blinker fluid exists and is leaking.”

Class III Blinker Fluid Leak

That’s 10-level. You got this. (Meme via Vet Humor)

9. Perfect for the troop trying to leave the barracks.

Ass Notification System meme

Who wants that app? (Meme via USAWTFM)

8. For Mattis so loved the Corps that he gave his only begotten f*ck. Mattis 3:16

Mattis bike meme

“Gen. Mattis, full of rage. Chaos be his name.” (Meme via Untied Status Marin Crops)

7. Even with all of his faults, he was at least very professional.

Pvt Pyle smile meme

“Hey Joker…” (Meme via Salty Soldier)

6. Shhh…no one tell the largest amphibious landing force about missing the largest amphibious landing. (D-Day landing at Normandy)

The Army Won Fallujah meme

Or that the Tet Offensive was more than just Hue City… (Meme via Salty Soldier)

5. Ever hear a duck quack his last quack?

War is hell meme

It changes a man. (Meme via Pop Smoke)

4. Next thing you know you’ll get a tactical drone strike to the face for liking your ex’s selfie.

When you in the middle of war but some shit your man said 2 years ago ain't adding up meme

Hell hath no fury… (Meme via Pop Smoke)

3. You hear that, guys? Some d*ckhead with a bachelor’s degree and four counts of administrative leave thinks “Uncle Sam’s College Scholarship Program” is full of idiots.

Troop Hating Teacher meme

But yeah. We’re the idiots for not taking student loans. (Meme via Military World)

2. Not only is the green grass growing, but we’re also helping lower the Global Eco-Footprint. One terrorist at a time.

Green tip bullet meme

It’s kind of like driving a Prius. Only it isn’t. (Meme via Dysfunctional Veterans)

1. Apparently they don’t keep every beep at a specific interval. Starts out every 2 seconds but it changes up later.

Hearing test meme

… and now the VA thinks I’m deaf. (Meme via Buck Sgt)



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