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'Strange Inheritance' Tells the Tale of a Vietnam Vet's Corvette


In a new episode of the Fox Business Network's show "Strange Inheritance," host Jamie Colby helps Matt Litavsky unravel the mystery of his father's 1967 marina blue Corvette Stingray.

Keith Litavsky made himself a deal before he shipped out to Vietnam: if he got back alive, he’d buy himself his dream car. So he banked his combat pay, and when he did come home, the blue Corvette awaited him.

The car has only 8,000 miles, so it's truly in mint condition. But it's missing a fiberglass dimple, about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen, that's usually found under the hood. Is the car truly a collector's find worth $600,000? Or has it undergone extensive body work?

The episode premieres Monday, January 29th at 9PM/ET and you can watch a clip below.

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