The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 1/24/18


What a week — just a little bit of snow hits the ground and suddenly everyone starts eating Tide Pods.

Well, whatever your reason for not being at work (or if you’re looking at these from the office latrine — we don’t judge), enjoy these fresh memes!

13. We should probably cut the Hawaiian Missile Defense dude a little bit of slack…

(Image via Know Your Meme)

12. They’re on a mission from DoD.

Blues Brothers fallujah

(Image via Pop Smoke)

11. …but who will play with all the cool sh*t now?

rip 0351

(Meme via Untied Status Marin Crops)

10. I mean, he’s not wrong…

Only targets

(Meme via Dysfunctional Veterans)

9. Still only getting 10% from the VA.

been in 20 years

(Meme via Army as F*ck)

8. Grunts eat MREs for 12 months and expect an Oscar or something.

fobbit chow halls

(Meme via Military Memes)

7. Who needs a chaplain when you have an NCO?

worst day so far meme

(Meme via Dysfunctional Veterans)

6. Don’t follow the LT. He can’t show you dah way.

LT knuckles

(Meme via Untied Status Marin Crops)

5. I bet his recruiter also told him he’d travel the world and get f*cked every day. Technically not a lie.

just hanging out meme

(Meme via Military Memes)

4. The more the merrier, right?

one shot one kill meme

(Meme via Veteran Humor)

3. There’s the “Good Idea Fairy” and then there’s the “Actual Idea Fairy.”

Why not send them home? meme

(Meme via Salty Soldier)

2. We’re also ready to send them a bunch of Vikings Super Bowl LII Champion shirts as well. (Too soon?)

Cards against humanity

(Meme via USAWTFM)

1. I guess you could say his enlistment was, Gone with the Wind. 

Gone with the wind reenlistment meme

(Meme via Pop Smoke)



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