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Megyn Kelly Takes Down ‘Hanoi Jane’ on ‘Today’

Jane Fonda still has issues with Megyn Kelly four months after an awkward interview in which Kelly asked her about her plastic surgery.

A new documentary “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend and will air later this year on HBO. In an interview to promote the movie (which reportedly examines her Vietnam War protests), Variety asked Fonda if she was upset about Kelly’s plastic surgery questions.

Fonda threw shade: “No. It wasn’t like I was upset. I was stunned. It was so inappropriate. It showed that she’s not that good an interviewer. But if she comes around and learns her stuff, sure”


Kelly fired back this morning on her show with a wicked takedown about Fonda's cosmetic surgery and her conduct during the Vietnam War.

Did you watch the video? Because you really should watch the video. You can read the quotes below but there’s really no way to convey Kelly’s withering contempt by typing words on a computer screen. It’s like Primetime FOX News Megyn Kelly has finally returned from exile and she’s back to FIGHT FOR AMERICA.

Here are some highlights:

“Now, a word on Jane Fonda, who appears to be fixated on an exchange I had with her months ago on this show.”

“It’s time to address the ‘poor me’ routine.”

“For years she has spoke about the joy of giving a cultural face to older women. The truth is, most older women look nothing like Fonda, who is now 80. And if Fonda really wants to have an honest discussion about older women’s cultural face, then her plastic surgery is tough to ignore.”

“I have no regrets about that question, nor am I in the market for a lesson from Jane Fonda on what is and is not appropriate. This is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage. Look at her treatment of military during the Vietnam War. Many of our veterans still call her ‘Hanoi Jane,’ thanks to her radio broadcast which attempted to shame American troops. She posed on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down our American pilots. She called our P.O.W.s hypocrites and liars and referred to their torture as ‘understandable.’Even she had to apologize years later for that gun picture. But not for the rest of it. By the way she says she is not proud of America. So, the moral indignation is a little much. She put her plastic surgery out there.”

Megyn has taken a lot of shots herself after making the move to NBC. Some viewers think she’s tried to leave behind the audience and the hard-hitting style that made here such a success at FOX News. What do you think? Is her criticism of Jane Fonda on point? Or is it time to cut a senior citizen a break?

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