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Why Would This Army Veteran Get ‘Married at First Sight’?


Readers who watch this stuff: please explain why people go on a reality show and marry someone they’ve (allegedly) never met. Unemployed Army vet Jonathan Francetic appears on on the season six premiere episode of the Lifetime “reality” show and he’s nervous about marrying civilian insurance adjuster Molly Duff.

Rather than embrace the fact that he's got a (hopefully) good woman to support him while he gets his career sorted, Francetic frets about his work status.  “At some point, I’ve gotta tell my wife I’m unemployed and I’m kinda scared. Forget the wedding, this is what’s making me nervous. It’s a bad first impression.”

The show’s contestants enter into arranged marriages assigned by “relationship experts” that include psychologists, sexologists and clergy. According to the experts at Wikipedia, there have been 15 couples married over the show’s first five seasons. Twelve of those couples are now divorced.

Maybe that success rate isn't any worse than what you'd get marrying the first person willing to hook up at the club, but this doesn't seem to be a show that puts a premium on the sanctity of marriage.

What advice do you have for Jonathan? Now that he's gotten himself into this situation, how can he make this marriage work? Would you sign up for a marriage at first sight?

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