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It's Time to Celebrate Festivus and Air Your (Military) Grievances

Back in the '90s, "Seinfeld" introduced America to its own made-up holiday, "Festivus." Created by George Constanza's father Frank, the holiday "for the rest of us" is a protest against the commercial extravaganza that Frank thinks Christmas and Hanukkah have become.

The highlight of Frank's holiday is the Airing of the Grievances, the moment where everyone shares all the way their family has disappointed them over the past year.

Since the military is (sort of) one big family, we decided everyone should have a chance to air their grievances and get them out of their system before Christmas. What are your issues with the military? Share them in the comments below.

Here's a video with highlights from "The Strike," the episode that introduced the world to Festivus.

You can watch the entire "The Strike" episode for free on Crackle, with a subscription on Hulu or buy it from iTunes, Amazon or Vudu.

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