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Keeping Up With ‘The Long Road Home’ – Episode 7: ‘Abandon Hope’

Jon Beavers pays Sgt. Eric Bourquin in "The Long Road Home."

We’re in week number 6 of the National Geographic Channel‘s new 8-part event series “The Long Road Home” and we’ve got a preview clip from Tuesday night's episode titled “Abandon Hope.” Based on ABC News journalist Martha Raddatz’s best-selling book, the dramatic series chronicles April 4, 2004, the day that is known as the Iraq War’s “Black Sunday.” The First Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, Texas, was ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad. The series follows the men in action and the reactions of their families back home in Texas.

In Tuesday's episode 7 (we got two episodes on premiere night, so the math is correct), the show explores the story of Sgt. Eric Bourquin, a soldier who joined the Army to escape an unstable and violent home. His conflicts with the interpreter Jassim in earlier episodes seem a bit more complicated when we learn his backstory.

In this clip from the episode, Bourquin (played by Jon Beavers) assists Lt. Shane Aguero back up to the roof after Aguero has been injured while the team waits for rescue.

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