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Keeping Up With ‘The Long Road Home’ – Episode 6: ‘A City Called Heaven’


We’re in week number 5 of the National Geographic Channel‘s new 8-part event series “The Long Road Home” and we’ve got a preview clip from Tuesday night's episode titled “A City Called Heaven.” Based on ABC News journalist Martha Raddatz’s best-selling book, the dramatic series chronicles April 4, 2004, the day that is known as the Iraq War’s “Black Sunday.” The First Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, Texas, was ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad. The series follows the men in action and the reactions of their families back home in Texas.

In Tuesday's episode 6 (we got two episodes on premiere night, so the math is correct), we learn the story of Army soldier Tomas Young. This episode flashes back to Tomas' life before deployment and flashes forward to his struggles to cope with his injuries after he returns from Iraq.

Some viewers may know Young from the documentary film "Body of War," which chronicled his efforts at recovery and his activism against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

We've got a clip from this week's episode. Tomas (played by Noel Fisher) realizes that he can't move after a bullet severs his spine during a firefight.

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