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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 11/1/17


Halloween. You know what that means…

Just a few more weeks until the Veteran’s Day free food extravaganza.

Until then, tide yourself over with the best military memes your veteran buddies could muster.

1. American and British vets went to Meme War this week. (via Fill Your Boots)

military memes

Sick burn. No, really…

2. Maybe red uniforms weren’t the best idea. (via The Salty Soldier).

military memes

When you plow the fields by 6 but have a battle for independence at 8.

3. We were Facebook once… and young. (via Pop Smoke)

military memes

I don’t like to talk about my time on MySpace.

4. How long can sick call put a superhero on quarters?

military memes

Is that curl in regs?

5. To be fair, Amazonians get better training. (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

Americans don’t join the IDF because they’re Jewish.

6. I’d like to see blueberries fool Snoop.

military memes

I’m shook.

7. Marry that girl. (via Disgruntled Decks)

military memes


8. The military, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. (via Why I’m Not Re-Enlisting)

military memes

“Your award package is on my desk.”

9. But I’m not bitter. (via Pop Smoke)

military memes

I might be a little bitter.

10. Time is a flat circle.

military memes

I’d rather deploy to Mars than go back to Iraq.

11. Why would you buy a can of Army?

military memes

Shoulda bought a bottle of Air Force.

12. Always ready… for your deployment.

military memes

Low blow, Coastie.

13. Come at me, fam. (via Disgruntled Decks)

military meme

Except the Coast Guard. That meme was savage.

blake stilwell  Blake Stilwell is a traveler, writer, and adventurer with degrees in design, television & film, and international relations. He is a veteran US Air Force Combat Photojournalist who has worked for ABC News, NBC, and HBO. Blake is based in Hollywood, but often found elsewhere.


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