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Stay Focused on the Mission: 'Sniper: Ultimate Kill'


Tom Berenger, Billy Zane and Chad Michael Collins team up for the first time ever in Sniper: Ultimate Kill, out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

We've got a clip in which Agent Kate Estrada (Danay Garcia) and Marine sniper Brandon Beckett (Collins) debate their mission in Colombia just before they're surprised when their car is ambushed.


The series returns to the Americas as USMC Special Ops sniper Brandon Beckett (Collins) takes on “The Devil,” a deadly sniper working for a powerful Colombian drug cartel. El Diablo has access to advanced weaponry, including something called the “impossible bullet.” Brandon enlists his dad, the legendary Sgt. Thomas Beckett (Berenger) and Major Richard Miller (Zane) in his quest to beat the Devil.


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Sniper: Ultimate Kill is the seventh movie in the series. Collins appeared with Berenger in 2014’s Sniper: Legacy when Brandon connected with his dad. Collins and Zane appeared together in 2011’s  Sniper: Reloaded and 2016’s Sniper: Ghost Shooter. And, of course, Berenger and Zane were the stars of the original Sniper in 1993. Ultimate Kill is the first time the pair have appeared together in a Sniper movie since then and it’s the first time all three stars have been in the same film.

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