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From Spandau Ballet to Special Ops Sniper: Martin Kemp Stars in 'Age of Kill'


Very few American '80s music fans realize Spandau Ballet's Gary and Martin Kemp (known for MTV megahit "True") have gone on to careers playing tough guys in British movies and TV. It's 34 years later and a very buff and silver-maned Martin Kemp is an action-movie hero in "Age of Kill" (out now on DVD and Digital).

Everyone knows that the UK has its own special forces but this is the rare movie about how the Brits do it. Kemp plays Sam Blake, a special ops sniper forced to assassinate six targets in six hours on the streets of London in order to win back his kidnapped daughter from a psychotic terrorist known as “Jericho.”

We've got a clip in which Kemp takes on a helicopter with his handgun.

"Age of Kill" doesn't waste any time. It clocks in at a brisk 82 minutes. You might even be able to convince your mom to watch it with you.


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