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Dine in Style With Ma Deuce

Vintage Industrial has just released its .50 Cal M2 Table. Check out those legs!

For our readers who've never fired an M2 or don't know the history of Ma Deuce: John Browning began work on his design for the M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun in 1917 after U.S. Army General John J. Pershing asked for a larger caliber machine gun during World War I. Since its introduction in 1921, the M2 has been a workhorse of the United States military and it's a weapon that connects veterans from every generation.

You can set the table at a 30" height for regular dining or jack it up to 42" with barrel extensions for use with bar chairs.

“We have been working on this table a long time,” said Greg Hankerson, co-founder of Vintage Industrial. “It’s part tribute to our service men and women who use weapons like the M2 as tools of their trade and part homage to Ma Deuce herself. The .50 cal. hasn’t changed much over the last century of its existence. It is a ubiquitous, versatile, and dependable piece of equipment. We think we have captured that versatility and timelessness in our M2 Table.”

You can order one with a Carrara marble or quarter sawn reclaimed oak top.

Let's check out those legs again.

And how about a product video just to make sure:


The M2 Table is built to order with a lead time of 8-12 weeks and you can get yours at the Vintage Industrial website.

It's important to note that Vintage Industrial is not recycling actual M2 rifles that have seen combat. The legs are replicas, a move that means you want have to worry about metal fatigue on your table legs.

Now that you want one, we have to talk price. The M2 Table starts at $34,995. If you can afford one today, consider it a reward for your hard work and success. For the rest of us, we can bookmark the site and add it to our shopping list for future success.


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