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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 10/18/17



Another week down. Everything in the news is still terrible.

The White House is imploding. Hollywood is imploding. There’s a Friday the 13th in October.

But you know what you can count on?

Memes. And we have the best military memes around.

1. Nobody wants to work on weekends. Or ever. (via Pop Smoke)

military memes

You can also apply this to any girlfriend I’ve ever had.

2. If you thought the news from Hollywood was bad…

military memes

He may not be surprised that we’re still in Afghanistan though.

3. At least the Army keeps it interesting.

military memes

Does this mean they have to bring back DCUs for Iraq and Afghanistan?

4. Blueberries are the new bell bottoms. (via Sh*t My LPO Says)

military memes

I thought they swabbed decks.

5. Veterans day is coming. You can almost taste the free food.

military memes

Vets are getting more aggressive with it every year.

6. Grandpa is sick of your bullsh*t. (via Decelerate Your Life)

Military memes.

Be frightened of old sailors. I am.

7. It’s not just good advice. It’s reality.

military memes

“Get your goddam finger outta my face, Joe. You’re gonna see real violence.”

8. It’s the Navy birthday, but the Coast Guard can still ruin the party.

military memes

“Eff you, Sea Pigs!”

9. For some reason Veterans declared war on JROTC last week.

military memes

They’re all gonna get officer ranks for this. If they, you know, survive.

10. If you know how this started, drop us a line.

military memes

That kid doesn’t even have a single merit badge, I bet.

11. It ain’t about the merit badges, it’s about the freshman next to you.

military memes

At least there’s no hot weapons. Because they’re in high school.

12. JROTC is the calm before the storm.

military memes

That’s true bearing and discipline.

13. JROTC: Send us your best responses.

military memes

Veterans only respect strength. They better be good.

Bonus: More of the best JROTC Memes. Enjoy your weekend!

military memes

via Decelerate Your Life

military memes

Zapp Brannigan had 30 Merit Badges as a Freshman.

military memes

Operator AF.

military memes

via Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said.



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