The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 10/11/17



A lot happens in a week. Lately it seems like a lot more happens in a week than usual. Every day seems more eventful than the last. So be ready for anything.

You know what you should really get ready for? Memes. More specifically, military memes.

Even more specifically, these military memes.

1. God – the original drill instructor. (via U.S. Army WTF Moments)

Military memes

“And then the Lord said, “Thou shalt repent,” before he smoked them. And then he smoked Efour. And Efour wept. But he did not repent.”

2. Now we can stop questioning each other’s patriotism.

military memes

For about a week.

3. No matter what the Facebook argument is, keep that ace ready to go.

military memes

But this will open up a whole new can of worms if you do it to another vet.

4. Airmen: just own it.

military memes

The Air Force does its combatives at 300 mph behind a GAU-8 Avenger.

5. “Mr. A-10, we’re surrounded and need to break out.”

military memes

“Is the enemy getting away? OOOOOOOH HE’S TRYIN’!”

6. The Air Force: underappreciated until you need them.

military memes

You better to pray to St. Mattis that it’s forthcoming.

7. Meanwhile, over at Big Army… (via Decelerate your Life)

military memes

When you need an extraction but can’t get one unless you stay put.

8. Better than a high school reunion:

military memes

It might be past its sell-by date, but should still do the trick.

9. This is amazing foresight:

military memes.

Now he can stay up all night on watch.

10. The Guard is the Guard is the Guard (via Coast Guard Memes):

military memes


11. His PFT score was AMAZING:

military memes

He also has more college credit than you.

12. Here’s a chance to use those Air Force combat training moves.

military memes

Unless one of them is in JROTC.

13. Did you volunteer for anything this weekend?

military memes

“It’ll be a good EPR bullet.”

Hey! All this without mentioning Dakota Meyer or Dan Bilzerian. That’s how it’s done. See you next week. blake stilwell  Blake Stilwell is a traveler, writer, and adventurer with degrees in design, television & film, and international relations. He is a veteran US Air Force Combat Photojournalist who has worked for ABC News, NBC, and HBO. Blake is based in Hollywood, but often found elsewhere.


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