Under the Radar

'First Kill' is an NRA-Friendly Action Thriller


First Kill is a new thriller starring Bruce Willis as a small-town sheriff and Hayden Christensen as a Wall Street trader trying to save his son from a kidnaper. It's out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and we've got a bonus clip that features stunt coordinator Theo Kypri talking about creating the movie's excellent fight scenes.


Directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Nick Gordon, First Kill was reportedly filmed in just 13 days. It's ruthlessly efficient and offers several plot twists on what you'd expect from a movie like this one. Willis has some murky motivations as he tries to solve a bank robbery and Anakin Skywalker turns out to be surprisingly handy with a gun as he hunts the robber who snatched his kid.

Christensen's kid is getting bullied at school so he takes him out to the family cabin country in hopes that teaching him to shoot guns will give him the confidence to stand up for himself. The kid makes a surprising connection with the robber and there are plenty of surprises (and bullets) when the truth comes out and you figure out what they mean by calling the movie First Kill.


This is most definitely not one of the movies the NRA is talking about when it claims that Hollywood wants to take our guns. Director Miller has the good fortune of working with actors who show up, know their lines and don't force a personal spin on the material, so this one makes a lot more sense than his whacked-out Nic Cage/John Cusack movie Arsenal.

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