Under the Radar

Bad Attitudes & Disrespect for Authority Arrive Onscreen Intact


Consider this: thousands of young men and women now serving in the United States military grew up under the influence of George and Harold from author Dav Pilkey's notorious Captain Underpants book series. After years and years of development, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie has arrived on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD with most the books' rebellion and juvenile humor intact.


Apparently, plenty of PTA moms have made it their mission to get these books out of school libraries because they don't want their kids exposed to Pilkey's bad influences. And yet, many young adults will tell you that George and Harold are the guys who taught them to love books.

The movie features Kevin Hart as George, Thomas Middleditch as Harold, Ed Helms as Principal Krupp, Kristin Schaal as Edith the lunch lady and Nick Kroll as the evil Professor Poopypants. Along with screenwriter Nicholas Stoller and director David Soren, you get a group who appreciates and understands why kids love George and Harold and don't try to make the jokes more palatable to a wider audience.

The word is that DreamWorks let them make this for a relatively small budget and let them keep the goofy, anarchic spirit intact. Which means our boys save the world because of a Uranus joke.

If you grew up on the books, you won't be bummed out by the movie. That's a huge accomplishment. If you've got kids and get a copy of this movie at your house, beware of their friends' parents. Some old people just can't stand Captain Underpants.

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