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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 9/27/17



Earthquakes are hitting all over, the Caribbean is under water, and Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

Everything is a disaster.

Except these military memes. These are great. And we’re here with them every week.

This week was is brought to you by an Air Force vet. Expect a lot of Air Force jokes.

1. It’s football season. Let the sh*t talk begin.

military memes

Can’t wait to see this years’ Navy cadet video.

2. If civilians knew the truth, they’d never sleep. (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

No chow hall burger ever looked this good.

3. Actually, the burgers at Air Force DFACs are great. (via Why I’m Not Re-Enlisting)

military memes

Where’s the golf course, soldier?

4. There are more uncivilized places than Army posts.

military memes

It was also the Emperor’s idea to put Crackie Hall next to Sh*t Creek in Hawaii. You’re welcome.

5. But the Death Star isn’t next to “Sh*t Creek.”

military memes

At least he gets to call the Stormtroopers on the bridge “nonners.”

6. The Air Force needs to stick up for itself. (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

This guy is sporting the new Air Force PT shirt.

7. Except for nonners.

military memes

But they all go looking for IQ: 145 when the wifi goes down.

8. This is 80 percent of you. (via Why I’m Not Re-Enlisting )

military memes

I read your comments, WATM people.

9. Becoming a veteran is cause for celebration. (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes.

My face when I realized I was a “veteran.”

10. Why do they have us do this?

military memes

We all just end up hurt.

11.  The only thing worse than a climate survey is meaningless awards night.

military memes

Also, anything that is just a certificate is a waste of time.

12. Drill Instructors are memorable people.

military memes

We also remember every subsequent time.

13. They should have put more effort into managing our diets.

military memes

Thank god for our leadership.

BONUS MEME: No one doctored this. This is a DoD meme.

military memes

That’s the Navy’s “healthy choice” line.


blake stilwell  Blake Stilwell is a traveler, writer, and adventurer with degrees in design, television & film, and international relations. He is a veteran US Air Force Combat Photojournalist who has worked for ABC News, NBC, and HBO. Blake is based in Hollywood, but often found elsewhere.


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