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Wesley Snipes Returns in 'Armed Response'


Wesley Snipes is back after some career interruptions courtesy of the IRS.  He stars with Anne Heche (who's has a lead in NBC's new military thriller series The Brave) and WWE wrestler Seth Rollins in Armed Response, director John Stockwell's military horror movie that opens in theaters today and will also be available on demand. Check out a clip.


All three actors are on a team of special forces soldiers are sent to investigate the disappearance of another team guarding a high-tech military compound. The compound, nicknamed the Temple, is an artificial intelligence-powered facility designed for interrogating high level prisoners.  As they enter the Temple, the soldiers quickly find the earlier team horrifically slaughtered but no evidence as to who is responsible. There's a mysterious survivor who holds a dark secret that the team must uncover if they hope to survive.

You probably remember Stockwell as Cougar in Top Gun but he's made a career as a director with pretty much every surfing movie you remember from the 21st century: Blue Crush, Into the Blue and Dark Tide.

KISS fans take note: Gene Simmons has a small role is credited as a producer on this movie. You can see Armed Response in a theater in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix. If you don't live one of those places, check your video-on-demand platforms.

Here's the full trailer:



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