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Home Video: Alec Baldwin as Trump Baby?


Because the production time on animated movies is so long, it had to be several years ago when Alec Baldwin was cast in the lead role in the Boss Baby (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital). The producers had no idea that Donald Trump would run for president or that Baldwin would revive his career playing a caricature of Trump on Saturday Night Live (Darrell Hammond's take on Trump is funnier). It's just fate that 2017 saw Baldwin playing a baby with business skills: don't read too much into the Donald comparisons that the box picture demands.

Boss Baby owes a lot more to Baldwin's unnamed character in the movie version of Glengarry Glen Ross. Of course, it's entirely possible likely that young Trump at least partly inspired David Mamet to add the character to the 1992 movie.


Anyway, this is a kid's movie about families, the fear of not fitting in and how that alien creature that comes home from the hospital might turn out to be your best friend. Boss Baby promotes a its own fake news myth about were baby comes from and Baldwin plays an executive baby who's sent to live with a family while he's on a mission to stop a perpetual puppy designed to make babies obsolete. He first feuds with, then bonds with his older brother and they team up to foil the plot launched by a disgraced and now grown-up executive baby.

Kids are going to like this and anyone irritated by Baldwin's SNL antics will be relieved by how little the Boss Baby actually sounds like the president. There are a few animated "documentaries" and some deleted scenes included on the disk.

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