Under the Radar

The 82nd Airborne Had the Perfect Response to the Charlottesville Protests


The events in Charlottesville, VA last Saturday are exposing more than a few issues that most of us have avoided talking about, but here we are.

Brandon Freedman, former Dep. Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, tweeted this photo from the protests.


The social media folks for the 82 Airborne Division were doing their job and tweeted out this response:


The 82nd dropped this knowledge on Andy French when he wondered if the guy could get in trouble for violating the rules of the UCMJ.


(Seriously, Loves or Pilot truck stops will sell one of those hats to any bubba who walks through the door.)

Lots of Americans don't seem to understand that the 82nd Airborne considers its role in the Allied victory over Nazi Germany a defining moment in the unit's service.


Because it was Twitter, Mr. French just couldn't let it go, so the 82nd explained things so that there was zero doubt about their position on the random guy in the hat.


Boom. Thank you and goodnight.

Follow the 82nd on Twitter at @82ndABNDiv.

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