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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 8/9/17



Congrats to everyone who ETSed this week. For the rest of you, here’s a little soul-balm to get you through any weekend duties you got assigned.

13. It’s fine. All that yelling is just part of your life now (via ASMDSS).

Funny Army memes bus at basic

The good news is that you’re not going through the worst yet. It gets WAY worse.

12. Boots are gonna boot (via Coast Guard Memes).

Funny coast Guard memes cosplay

I mean, being nerdy in uniform is hardly the worst thing that guy could be getting into.

11. For instance, he could be giving into his newfound alcoholism (via Decelerate Your Life).

Funny military memes alcoholism

Don’t fall, branch. Only 15 more years until retirement.

10. It’s really the only proper way to greet a career counselor (via Decelerate Your Life).

Funny reenlistment memes pocket sand

CS also works well if you happen to have access to it.

9. Junior enlisted have lots of idea (via Decelerate Your Life).

Funny Navy Memes President trumps wants to talk to enlisted

It’s just that they’re mostly about how to best play screw, marry, kill.

8. The Marine Corps pays you to drive, not to think (via Military World).

Funny Marine Corps memes drive to motor pool

Now hit the gas, I’m about to run out of oxygen.

7. Why are Marines so cranky? They got all them nice sketches and no crayons to color them with (via Sh-t my LPO says).

Funny Marine Corps Memes national coloring book day but ate the crayons

Bon appetit.

6. To be honest, you only think she looks that good at homecoming (via Sh-t my LPO says).

funny military memes spouse stages of deployment

And the reintegration thing is her fault. We bought an extra controller and co-op games for a reason.

5. “Driver” and “passenger” sides aren’t good enough for you Navy? (via Sh-t my LPO says)

Funny Navy memes starboard v port

“If you ensigns don’t quiet up back there, I swear I’ll dock this whole vessel!” “For the last time, dad, it’s a truck and we’re children.”

4. Any unit that lets you wear that to work is worth a second chance (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

Funny military memes time in bathroomFunny military memes time in bathroom

“Duty uniform? Your regulations have no power here.”

3. This isn’t going to end well for anyone (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

funny military memes yellow bird yellow bill

There are so many better ways to get crackers, man.

2. With that haircut and those tan lines, the ID is pretty superfluous anyway (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

Funny Navy memes cac card armband on beach

Pretty sure those sailors sat down after their neighbors on the beach. No way the girls chose to sit next to them.

1. So, this one’s not technically a joke (via Air Force Nation).

funny duck memes finance

Just really great advice. D-mnit, finance.


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