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'Mine': A Marine Trapped in the Desert


Armie Hammer stars in Mine (out now on Blu-ray & DVD), a thriller about a Marine sniper who gets trapped in the desert when he steps on a mine as he and his spotter (Tom Cullen) try to escape after a mission gone wrong.

We've got a deleted scene from the bonus content. With the enemy in pursuit, the two Marines prepare to cross the mine field and Tommy (played by Cullen) talks about how he's depending on the "power of positive thinking" to get them across to safety.


Mike (Hammer) ends up spending 52 hours trapped on top of the mine as he waits and hopes for an EOD team that can defuse the mine. Think 127 Hours but shorter and with explosives. Mike battles the elements and his own hallucinations as he flashes back to regrets from his life back home.

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