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Einstein vs. the Atomic Bomb

The National Geographic Channel wraps up season one of Genius tonight at 9PM ET with a two-part finale that wraps up the story of Albert Einstein. The episodes cover the physicist's life in America and his critical role in convincing President Franklin Roosevelt to fund the development of the atomic bomb.


Einstein had reservations about his role in developing the bomb and the episodes cover his later activism against atomic weapons and the FBI's investigation of him for those "UnAmerican activities."

Based on Walter Isaacson's acclaimed book Einstein: His Life and Universe, the 10-episode is a sprint through the life of the man who proposed the theory of relativity. It's light on the science and heavy on the womanizing and family drama. Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush plays Albert Einstein in the latter part of his life and he's featured in the new episodes.

Future seasons of Genius will dramatize the stories of more of the world's most brilliant innovators. The seris is produced by Imagine Entertainment'sRon Howard and Brian Grazer and Howard directed the first episode. If you watch tonight and get hooked, you can go back and catch up in the Fox Now or National Geographic TV apps if your cable, satellite or internet TV subscription gives you access. Season one is also available for digital purchase at iTunes or Amazon Video.

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