The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 6/28/17



We found a bunch of military memes that made us laugh, then we whittled it down to our 13 favorites, and then we tried to become the invisible man, which didn’t work.

And so you should look at these memes.

1. One of the worst bits of news you can wake up to (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

funny deployment extension memes

Even worse, you have to call your family and they want answers you don’t have.

2. It’s an endurance race, and you can’t possibly win (via Valhalla Wear).

funny mre memes first time v six months

Your colon won’t win, either.

3. Awesome burn, Marines (via Team Non-Rec).

funny marine corps memes unf-ck the army

Not sure how you’re capable of unf-cking anything but a crayon factory, but good burn.

4. Somebody won at every round of “Nose Goes” as a kid (via Shit my LPO says).

funny navy memes collateral duties

Hope he brought something to read up there. He shouldn’t come down until sweepers is done.

5. Come on, what’s an oil change more or less between friends? (via Military Memes)

funny navy memes lying to LPO

“I maintained everything in here. I reformatted the hard drives, swept out from under the desk, and turned my nose into a hanging rod.”

6. This is why the Army should bring back specialist 5-9 (via Military Nations).

Funny enlisted memes e-4s for seven years

That way, we can separate the hard workers who aren’t ready for leadership from these guys.

7. You’re gonna shoot down U.S. planes, huh? (via Decelerate Your Life)

funny russia memes putin wanna play

Better make sure the pilot can’t eject, ’cause Mattis will kill his way to rescue the aircrew and fully expect them to have necklaces of Russian ears by the time he gets there.

8. He is the one. He is the E4 Mafia Don (via Shit my LPO says).

funny matrix meme chain of command

Most phones have an option to mute a certain caller. Just make sure to turn the alerts back on on duty days.

9. Drill sergeants are experts in keeping everything in perspective (via The Salty Soldier).

funny Army memes worst day of your life

They’re also experts in giving you a succession of “worst days in your life so far.”

10. The real invisible man was the only known case of a chief warrant officer 6 (via Weapons of Meme Destruction).


“Dude, I’m always a couple of baby wipes away from being literally invisible.”

11. Unfortunately, you’re about to see everything 730 more times, Thomas (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

funny military memes time for thomas to leave

And you know, your reenlistment window will open soon …. 

12. In the real world, it’s suppressive fire and you still hope to kill someone, or it’s targeted shots and killing them is the entire point (via Valhalla Wear).

funny military memes shoot to kill like it isnt the only option

Well, warning shots exist, but no one’s like, “Shoot them!” Crap! I meant, “Shoot to warn!”

13. Some even prefer it that way (via Weapons of Meme Destruction).

funny medic memes fingers in butts

Just don’t let them inspect your teeth unless you watch them wash their hands.


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