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WWII Vets on the Run in 'Last Man Club'


Four World War II veterans reunite for one final adventure in Last Man Club, available now on DVD, video on demand & all digital platforms. James McKrell stars as WWII veteran John "Eagle" Pennell in the biggest role in a long and varied career that's included appearances in dozens of movies, a stint hosting game shows in the '70s and more commercials than you could begin to count.

"Eagle" lives with his son's family and they're about to send him to a retirement home when he gets a letter from Pete (Barry Corbin, Northern Exposure and about a hundred other movies you've seen), one of the members of his WWII B-17 crew. Eagle takes off to visit Pete and picks up Romy, a mysterious young woman (Kate French) who's on the run from shadowy mob guys. Eagle and Romy pick up fellow B-17 crew member Will (William Morgan Sheppard) from his house trailer and head to a nursing home to rescue Grady (Richard Riehle, who played the memorable role of car accident survivor Tom Smykowski in Office Space). We've got a clip from that features their nursing home escape.


It turns out the mob guys want to kill Romy and the movie shifts into high gear as a race against both the bad guys and the FBI as the crew tries to get to Pete. Jake Busey (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs) make brief appearances but they're neither bad guys or Feds.



The action in Last Man Club seems to be happening in the present but math (WWII service + 50-55 years) would suggest that it should be set in 1999 or maybe 2001. It's not a slick or polished movie but everyone's game and having a blast.

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