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Sound Off: Was Forever 21's Army-Inspired Fashion Line Offensive?


After an uproar online, Stars and Stripes reports that troubled fashion chain Forever 21 has pulled several items from its military-inspired line of women's clothing.

A "repurposed Army graphic tee" with a long slit up the back was one of the items that gained a lot of negative attention.

Stripes quotes one particularly angry comment from Forever 21's Facebook page: "This is distasteful and offensive, taking part of an Army uniform, cutting it up, and selling it for a 400 percent profit. Men and women put their lives on the line, honoring and defending our freedom, and have EARNED the right to wear these shirts."

Others observers saw the ridiculous side of the designs:


The online image that drew the most attacks was this one:

Rebecca Alwine at MilitaryOneClick.com just teed off on this one: "The implication seemed to be that we’re all barracks bunnies, who just flounce from soldier to soldier. We don’t have serious relationships. . . it’s all about sex. And, let’s imply that all service members are male and all they want from women is sex. Let’s insult women  by inferring they only wear things because it would make a man happy."

What's your take? Are these clothes an insult to the women (and men) who serve? Are civilians who wear real (or knockoff) PT gear committing a form of Stolen Valor? Or is this an instance where members of the military community are being maybe a bit too sensitive? Let us know what you think and Sound Off!

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