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'Operation Mekong' - Chinese Special Forces Take on the Drug Cartels


Hong Kong action master Dante Lam took a notorious real-life incident and turned it into Operation Mekong, an action thriller out May 2nd on Digital and June 6th on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and Blu-ray. Check out the trailer:


That looks so good that it makes wonder why almost every military action picture is American. Operation Mekong was inspired by a real-life 2011 incident when two Chinese cargo ships were attacked by drug traffickers in Myanmar and the crew was killed.

Rather than make a sober, thoughtful Zero Dark Thirty-style prestige picture about the Chinese and Thai government efforts to clean up the drug trade, director Lam and stars Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng use the incident as a jumping-off point to make something that looks like a cross between Chuck Norris in Delta Force and John Woo classics like The Killer or Hard Boiled.

Operation Mekong was a runaway hit in China, grossing over $170 million in the box office. We got a limited theatrical release here in the USA, so this will be the first chance most of us have to see it.

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