Keyport: One of the Best Everyday Carry Solutions Gets a Major Upgrade


Keyport has launched the Keyport Slide 3.0, a major upgrade to its excellent Keyport Slide 2.0 key organizer and multitool and added the Keyport Pivot for customers who want a better way to carry their current keys. The previous version of the Slide was one of the best products we've reviewed here at UTR: the new version improves the original product and fixes the very minor issues with the Slide 2.0.

Obviously, it's worth investing in quality for the things you carry around every day: phone, wallet, bag, sunglasses and most definitely keys. If you're ever frustrated with keys getting tangled up in a pocket or a bag, you might think either one of these products will improve your life in what seems like a small way. When you've actually used them, you'll discover just how much you wanted something like this all along.

Keyport Slide 3.0

The idea is simple: take sharp keys and tools and put them in a retractable case that will prevent them from poking you and from jingling. The new Slide 3.0 is made from aircraft grade aluminum and hardened spring steel and it fixes the #1 issue with the 2.0 version. While the plastic case on the old version never cracked, the new version feels strong and more expensive.

The basic 4-port Slide comes in red, silver or black and retails for $39.99. The 6-port version sells for $49.99. You send photos of your keys to Keyport and they send you the correct size of blank key blades that you can take to have cut at your local locksmith. Key blades are $4.99/each. (If you're upgrading from a Slide 2.0, you can use your old key blades).

You can also get ballpoint pen ($8.99) or USB inserts (8GB: $9.99, 32GB: $34.99, 64GB: $44.99) for the Slide. Keyport has dropped the incredibly useful bottle opener insert that was available for the 2.0. President David Cooper says they hope to eventually offer an opener that works with the 3.0 but they decided that a redesign for the new case wasn't up to standard.


The new feature on the 3.0 Slide is the external module. You can remove a cover from each side and add a penknife module ($19.99), LED flashlight module ($9.99) or a BLE locator with LED flashlight module ($34.99). The knife is incredibly useful but not exactly TSA-compliant. Once you learn the technique for removing the module (helpfully demonstrated in one of Keyport's many instruction videos), it's not hard to take it off before you head to the airport.

The BLE locator module works with the Trackr app for iOS and Android. A Bluetooth connection allows you to use your phone to find your keys when you lose them in the house and use your keys to find your phone by getting the missing device to play a sound. Trackr works very much the same way as the popular Tile system with one exception: you can replace the batteries on the Trackr module but you have to buy a new Tile when its batteries run down. I've been using both at the same time and they seem equally good at locating missing keys.

Keyport Pivot

The Pivot ($19.99) is designed for users that want to keep their current keys and prevent the poking and jingling. It's an aluminum chassis (also available in red, silver or black plus blue) that creates a frame that your keys and tools can pivot inside or flip out when you need then. It uses the same modules that are available for the Slide 3.0.


I was pretty sure that the Pivot was going to feel like a step down from the Slide, but it's just a different but equally effective solution for people who don't want to get into cutting the custom blades required for the original design. The keys are easy to flip out of the Pivot when you need them but they're not going to flop out at random times.

The other big selling point for the Pivot is its compatibility with third-party products made by YubiKeys, Griffin Pocket Tools, Stowaway Tools and others. If you're looking to replace a multi-tool in your pocket, then the Pivot gives you a great solution. Keyport also offers its own screwdriver, pliers, folding knife, scissors and tweezers inserts.


Both the Slide 3.0 and the Pivot come with a free two-year subscription to the KeyportID lost and found program. Register you device at and you've got a shot at getting your keys back.

Once you add on all the modules and inserts you might want, the price is likely to climb towards $100. As a piece of gear that you're going to use multiple times every single day, it's an investment worth making. These are really nice and never fail to start a conversation.

Note: If you visit the site this week, all backordered product (BLE locators and 6-port Slide 3.0) receive a 10% discount.

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