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Home Video: 'A Dog's Purpose'


Dog lovers were the target audience for A Dog's Purpose when it hit theaters back in January and dog lovers were turned off when TMZ posted what claimed to be footage of a dog being abused during filming. After the movie tanked, it turned out that the footage had been faked (or at least highly manipulated). Now the movie's available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and animal lovers get a second chance to bawl their eyes out at the movie's message about the soulful power of a dog.


Based on the best-selling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, the movie follows the soul of a single dog as it's reincarnated four times. That gives an old pro like director Lasse Hallström four times to make you cry as the same dog dies as it inhabits four different breeds.

During the second life, our dog comes back as a Golden Retriever named Budy and enjoys a long life with a boy named Ethan. Things aren't going well for Ethan as he becomes an adult and Buddy dies as Ethan's on his way to becoming a bitter old man. In his fifth life, our purposeful dog is reincarnated as a St. Bernard-Australian Shepherd mix named Waffles. His irresponsible owners lose him and he ends up taken to a shelter by a bitter old guy named...Ethan.

The fact that you can figure out what happens next will make no difference to your enjoyment if you're a sucker for dog movies.

Josh Gad (Olaf in Frozen) voices the dog throughout the movie and Dennis Quaid plays angry old Ethan. The home video release comes with deleted scenes, outtakes, making-of featurette and a brief documentary about Cameron's novel.

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