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How Swing Dancing Gave One Marine a Reason to Live


Alive and Kicking is a new documentary that dives into the culture of modern swing dancing, exploring all the nostalgia and happiness that drives the men and women who are keeping the World War II era's youth culture alive. The film opens in theaters on April 7th but will also be available at the same time On Demand and via iTunes and Amazon Video.

Marine veteran Augie Freeman is one of the dancers profiled in the film. He struggled after his return from Iraq and swing dancing became a passion that has helped him deal with that transition to civilian life. He is now a dance instructor. In 2008, Augie placed 2nd in the National Jitterbug Championships Balboa Contest with his girlfriend Delphine Laurens.

We've got a clip from the film below.


And here's the full trailer from the movie.


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