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Dolph Lungdren is Not Actually Your Pilot in 'Altitude'


80s icon Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Universal Soldier) is headed back to big studio pictures with his upcoming role as King Nereus in the DC Comics Aquaman movie, but he's one of those guys who's making the meat-and-potatoes action flicks, keeping up with Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme as heroes and villains who never stop working (he was in all three Expendables movies) even if they're not getting the huge theatrical releases in the USA.

This time out, he leads a criminal gang who hijack a plane in Altitude, opening in theaters and On Demand this Friday, April 14th. He's joined by UFC champ Chuck Liddell and Denise Richards, who's got her own action picture past with Starship Troopers and as Dr. Christmas Jones in the Bond flick The World is Not Enough. We've got a clip from the movie after Dolph takes the pilot's seat.


Richards plays Gretchen Blair, a disgraced FBI agent who's being shipped back to a desk job in DC after she goes rogue on a hostage negotiation. She thinks her day gets better when she's upgraded to business class on her flight home but lands in the middle of the brutal hijacking plot and a contentious split within the criminal gang. Can she back the right side and get the passengers safely on the ground?

Altitude has an 88-minute running time, so you know there's not going to be a lot of tortured character backstory that afflicts most disaster movies. Everyone's going to almost die, then some people are going to die and you'll know all the answers with enough time to watch another movie before bedtime.

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