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Sound Off: Did Whoopi Attack a Navy SEAL Widow?


A story posted at UndergroundNewsReport.com on March 1st has gone viral this week, claiming that Whoopi Goldberg of ABC's The View attacked Carryn Owens, wife of late Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. Owens was killed in the recent raid in Yemen and President Trump invited Mrs. Owens to attend his recent speech to a joint session of Congress. Trump paid tribute to the SEAL during the event and a grieving Carryn was prominently featured on the television coverage.

Here's the quote:

"She was just looking for attention. These military widows love their 15 minutes in the spotlight.If it were me I wouldn’t be able to leave the house. How can someone who is truly grieving go out there and be on TV. It just doesn’t make sense to me."

And here's the meme it inspired:

News outlets like Politifact and the Associated Press claim the report is false.

The original story is purposefully vague and doesn't exactly say where or when Goldberg made her comments, but she didn't do it on her Twitter feed. If you've never watched The View, it's a daytime talk show that features a group of women discussing the news and issues of the day and interviewing guests. That's the usual outlet for Ms. Goldberg's political comments and she didn't have any hesitation attacking President Trump for "exploiting" the Owens family in his speech. Here's the segment from the program.


So, no "looking for attention" quote there, either.

What do you think? Is this story true? If so, can someone post audio or video of the quote? Or is this just another bit of "fake news" designed to rile up the online masses? If it is a false story, is it disrespectful to Carryn and the memory of Ryan Owens to use them this way? Sound off!

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