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Nazi Troops Invade Britain in 'Resistance'


Resistance (out now on DVD and Digtial HD) is an alternative history tale about the 1944 Nazi invasion of Britain after the failed Allied D-Day invasion. A Werhmacht platoon is sent to rural Wales to root out the resistance. All the men have disappeared from the valley and the German troops settle into a relatively quiet life.

Based on a novel by Owen Sheers, the story is inspired by the real-life British Resistance Organization (BRO), a top-secret civilian army put in place to fight the enemy in the event of German invasion.  When the movie was released in the UK back in 2011, the Daily Mail (surprisingly) wrote an informative and fact-based article about the BRO.

Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones) plays the German commanding officer. When his unit meets no resistance, he befriends the local women and trades in his men's falling-apart uniforms for the civilian clothes left behind by the missing local men. In this clip, a captured resistance fighter played Michael Sheen wonders why they're not wearing uniforms.


Resistance is not an action picture. There are descriptions of fighting elsewhere in the UK, the kind of British resistance that's at the center of Tony Schumacher's popular John Rossett novels that explore a similar alternate history. Wlaschiha's Albrecht is more interested in keeping his men out of further combat until the end of the war and pursuing a relationship with a local woman named Sarah (Andrea Riseborough).

The German soldiers remember their fighting experiences in flashback and there's one bold act of resistance that doesn't involve any humans getting shot, but otherwise this is not an action-packed thriller.

Of course, Albrecht's failure to actively prosecute his mission will lead to trouble and he's got to come up with a plan to escape what seems like certain court martial when his superior officers learn how he's been commanding his troops.



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