Under the Radar

WWII Vet Spends Christmas With Taylor Swift


96-year-old Army veteran Cyrus Porter of New Madrid, Missouri really loves Taylor Swift, so much that the local TV news did a story on Cyrus and Taylor last week just before Christmas:


Cyrus served in the infantry under General Patton during the invasion of Germany and was awarded a Bronze Star. He was interviewed about World War II by local station KFVS back in 2014 when he was a young man of 93.

In last week's news report, Porter revealed that he'd been diagnosed with cancer last year and hoped to attend one more Taylor Swift concert in this lifetime. Somehow Taylor got wind of the story and surprised Cyrus and his family by showing up for their annual Christmas reunion on Monday, December 26th.

Cyrus' grandson Robert Frye posted the evidence on Twitter:


Cyrus gave Taylor the rundown on his Army service:


Then she picked up a guitar and give the family a private performance of "Shake It Off":


The family put down their red Solo cups and picket up their phones to document the festivities.


Then Taylor said goodbye to Cyrus and headed back to her magical world of great songs and the bad boyfriends who inspire them.

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