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Great Performance at Great Price: Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Headphones


Optoma's NuForce BE Sport3 wireless in-ear headphones offer incredible value for $79. They pair easily to two devices at once, remember those pairings when you use the phone or tablet again the next time, offer ten-hour battery life and sound as good as any other in-ear headphones I've heard that cost less than $100. Oh, and they have an IP55 water, sweat and dust resistance rating, so they're perfect for working out.


They come in two basic colors: gunmetal gray with a black cord or rose gold with a white cord that loops behind your head while you're wearing them. There's a three-button remote on the right ear side that handles power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, volume and pause/play. There are voice prompts that tell you power on, power office and when each of your maximum two devices has successfully paired.



Each pair of headphones comes with six pairs of standard silicone tips (three sizes, two different colors). There's also a pair of NuForce's custom SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips, which aim to give you a better fit and more sound isolation. Finally there are six pairs of ear wings in three colors and two sizes. I ended up using a pair of standard silicone tips with a pair of ear wings and the fit has been solid and very comfortable. The SpinFits didn't work for me but they seem like they'd be great for someone with less sensitive ear canals than mine.


They're lightweight (just 13g) and the logo side of the earpieces are magnetized to hold them around your neck when you take them off, and to help keep them from tangling in the included carry case. You also get a micro-USB charging cable in the box.

The headphones are designed to for both AAC and aptX streaming, so they give high-quality streams on both iPhone and modern Android devices. These don't sound quite as good as the NuForce BE6i model we reviewed earlier this year but these cost $50 less and you're not really going to hear a difference on a run or in a noisy gym.

Sure, you can now get cheap wireless headphones for $30, but most of those don't have the same stable pairing abilities you'll get with the BE Sport3. Even more than sound quality, a pair of Bluetooth headphones that remembers its pairing is a feature worth paying for. These have been through the wringer with me over the last few weeks and they've been close to perfect. They're most definitely worth the price.



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