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Miss USA Promotes the USO's Operation That's My Dress for Veteran's Day

Miss USA and Army Reserve Lt. Deshauna Barber will appear alongside Team Rubicon’s Jake Wood and combat pilot Amber Smith on the November 11th episode of the T.D. Jakes show, in a program that celebrates Veteran’s day with stories and sacrifices from veterans & their families.

You can read more about Team Rubicon and hear an interview with Marine veteran Jake Wood in our earlier post about the organization.

The USO's Operation That's My Dress provides thousands of new gowns/dresses to teenage girls, female service members and spouses from international fashion designer, Sherri Hill, among other notable designers in the fashion world, just in time for the homecoming and prom seasons, military balls and the holidays.

Watch Deshauna Barber's promotional video below and check your local TV listings for the exact time and channel for the show.


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