Under the Radar

Seth Meyers & SecDef Carter Prank the President

Last Thursday night, Seth Meyers from Late Night: Seth Meyers visited the Pentagon to hang out with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and the two of them decided to have some fun.


Meyers quizzed the SecDef's staff on some critical issues (Navy SEAL Team 6 or Seal the singer? Knocking ISIS into next Tuesday or back to the Stone Age? Least favorite branch of service?) and hung out with Carter in his office where they pranked President Obama's voicemail with the White House hotline phone.

They order lunch and do some international diplomatic role-playing. Seth guesses the nuclear codes and Carter shows off his formal Secretary of Defense portrait. Seth checks out Saddam's gold-plated AK-47, "Hitler's mustache," "Putin's missing shirt" and "Osama bin Laden's pog collection." He also "visits" all 284 restrooms in the Pentagon.

The tour ends when Carter shows him the secret sixth side of the Pentagon and blows off the President. After the clip, the Secretary of Defense visits the show with a contingent of active duty men and women. He takes the opportunity to make an effective recruiting pitch on national (late night) TV.

Whatever the future holds for Ashton Carter, he really should consider a career as a TV host. He's hilarious.

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