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'Beyond Valkryie': A New Angle on the Failed Plot to Kill Hitler

Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth Reich is out now on DVD and Digital. Once again, a straight-t0-video war movie is better than most anything playing down at the multiplex. We've got an exclusive clip below.


The World War II drama is set in the days after the failure of the Operation Valkyrie plot to assassinate Hitler in June 1944. An Allied special ops team has been sent into Germany to extract a pro-Allies German official to lead the coming Fourth Reich. When Valkyrie fails, Russian, British and American troops must figure out how to work together to free a Resistance fighter from behind enemy lines.

Made by the same producers who made the video game-inspired Company of Heroes, Beyond Valkyrie brings together Tom Sizemore (Company of Heroes, Saving Private Ryan), Stephen Lang (Avatar; Don’t Breathe) and Rutger Hauer(Blade Runner; Blind Fury) for an all-star action picture cast. They're joined by Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints) and Kip Pardue (“Ray Donovan;” Remember the Titans).

Check out the movie's trailer below.



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