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The Future is Almost Here: Phiaton BT 460 Headphones


Online rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 7 doesn't include a headphone jack and it seems likely that Apple wants to push everyone to use wireless headphones. There may or may not be an included audio adapter that plugs into the Lightning port, but Bluetooth finally seems like the future. Since Android phone design almost always follows iPhone innovation (and, to be fair, vice versa), maybe your next pair of headphones should be wireless.

The Phiaton BT-460 wireless Bluetooth headphones sound excellent and offers a feature that make them an especially strong choice for your next set of headphones. They automatically pause the music when you take them off your ears and resume from the same stop when you put them back on. For anyone who's struggled to find the pause button when your significant other is trying to speak to you, this is almost a must-have feature. It works flawlessly.


The headphones can remember pairing for two devices, useful if you use them with both a phone and a tablet or laptop. You can also pause the music by double-tapping the touch panel on the right earpiece. You can answer incoming calls and hang up from them the same way. Pressing the power button for one second redials the last number you called.


The headphones fold up to fit in a hard case and come with an audio cable if the battery runs out. The BT 460's promise 18-22 hours of streaming music (depending on whether you're streaming Android or iPhone) and the battery charges in around three hours via the included micro USB cable. The inside of each earpiece is labeled L & R in large letters that make it easy to keep track of how they're supposed to go on your head. It's a nice improvement over most headphones that provide impossible-to-see microscopic letters engraved or stamped on the outstide

Phiaton is selling the BT 460s for $199. There are cheaper wireless headphones available now but these have a better design than most of the less expensive ones. They're not as sleek as some of the $400-and-up models, but they look really nice.

There's a pronounced bass boost that helps if you're using them in a around other people (train, bus, plane, waiting room) and may detract if you insist on a more neutral sound. The auto-pause feature is the main selling point here and it's both innovative and incredibly useful.

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