The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 8/17/16



You all really need to start securing your funny military memes. I found these 13 just lying around. But hey, memes adrift are a gift, right?

1. “We outrank exactly one thing.” (via Sh*t my LPO says)


“Actually, Pvt. Mickey Mouse, that broom outranks you. Better stand at parade rest for it.”

2. When the Thunderbolts get together: (via Military Memes)


“Boy, do you know how many Nazis I killed with these .50-cals? Go put that 30mm to good use.”

3. Once you’ve been bit by the blue falcon, you’ll change into one whenever the sun is out (via The Salty Soldier).


Or when the moon is out. Or the stars. Or the clouds. Or clear skies with no illumination.

4. Haven’t spotted a single f*ck this cruise, to be honest (via Sh*t my LPO says).


There’s a rumor that supply had some but they fell over the side.

5. All these Coasties standing around and you expect them to use a vehicle? (via Coast Guard Memes)


The Coast Guard pays for chow out of the fuel budget. Earn it.

6. “Thanks sir, this really means a lot …” (via Air Force Memes & Humor)


“… mostly that I won’t get to rest and recover on my day off.”

7. The trick is to get your rest and relaxation while you’re on duty: (via The Salty Soldier)

TSS-funny-army-memes-sham-thoughts copy

He’s probably thinking about how that’s a really old vest design to be wearing with multicams.

8. Having a good day, having a good day, havin—Oh crap! (via Funker530)


“WhereWhereWhereWhereWhere is it!?”

9. That moment you really wish your NCO had a good marriage: (via Marine Corps Memes)


“Not now, first sergeant! There’s a party in the barracks we must investigate!” *Caw caw!*

10. Come on, sir. You’re making the Army look bad (via Pop Smoke).


Notice that the Marine on the left is straight-up supervising a boot cleaning.

11. If your uniform change felt random, it probably was (via Military Memes).


But seriously, what does the Navy need camouflage for? It’s the giant gray boat that gives you away.

12. When the aid station can’t even WebMD right: (via Coast Guard Memes)


“Try restarting your router.”

13. If you didn’t get picked up last week: (via Sh*t my LPO says)


Sorry about that.

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