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'Sniper: Ghost Shooter' - How Secure is Your Drone Network?


Chad Michael Collins returns as Marine sniper Brandon Beckett in Sniper: Ghost Shooter, the sixth movie in the long-running series (out now on DVD and Digital). His father, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Beckett, has gone underground again but Brandon teams up with his father's friend Richard Miller (Billy Zane) on a new mission.

Unfortunately, Brandon seems to have lost the edge he gained after he reunited with dad back in Sniper: Legacy. He's struggling with a mission in the Middle East when the Colonel (Dennis Haysbert) assigns the crew to protect a gas pipeline stretching from the Republic of Georgia to Western Europe. Terrorists seem to be able to anticipate every move and it becomes apparent that they've got access to the team's coordinates.

In this clip from the movie, Beckett tries to convince government suit Robin Slater (Stephanie Vogt) that the terrorist network has highjacked (or at least mirrored) the good guys' drone network. He's figured this out after an unauthorized meet with the terrorist leader Gazakov and gets called out by the Colonel for going off the reservation.


There's a lot of shooting and sniping and the movie hints at another sequel, one with the Colonel back in uniform and out in the field. Check out the full movie trailer below.



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