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Reinventing the Action Movie in 'Hardcore Henry'


Hardcore Henry is the best video game movie ever and it's out this week on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. It's not based on a video game, but it could certainly inspire an excellent first-person shooter. Director Ilya Naishuller used a special camera rig that allowed him to play the title character and shoot the entire film from the character's perspective. Henry appears onscreen briefly as a mirror reflection, but otherwise he spends the movie trying to track down the bad guys who've kidnapped his wife.


He's aided by a guy who calls himself Jimmy and keeps showing back up in new guises after Henry thinks he's been killed by the enemy. In this exclusive clip, actor Sharlto Copley talks about how WWII British commander General Bernard Montgomery inspired part of his performance.


There are video-game levels of violence as Henry tries to sort out the mystery of his identity and just who he's fighting with. It's the kind of movie that stands up to repeated viewing and there's a commentary track on the Blu-ray featuring Naishuller and Copley that really adds to the viewing experience.

Hardcore Henry is far more ambitious than the low-budget military-themed action pictures that we're so fond of here at Under the Radar. It's really trying to reinvent the moviegoing experience for a generation that grew up on video games and the filmmakers are definitely onto something here.


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